Testimony Regarding Christian Equippers International
August 14, 2004

To The Body of Christ,

This letter is to recommend the ministry of David Hallam and the ministry of CEI. David and his team visited our church in July of 2004. I've had many itinerant ministries visit our church and I can say that the ministry, teaching, counsel and over all experience was not only beneficial but lasting. From there visit, 2 outreach teams have been launch. Not only was there impact in helping the church to look outside it's walls, but our worship vision and model has been restructured in such a way that many more people in the church are being moved in worshipping the Lord with more freedom and creativity.
David and his team showed deep concern for us as a church beyond what typical itinerant ministries display. David also brought along some wonderful resources that our people love having available. Two of my pastors have raved about the booklets again and again to me.
We loved having David and his team with us and highly recommend their ministry to the body of Christ

Senior Pastor Mike Splawn
Kern Christian Center