Transformation Is On The Other Side
August 27, 2009

Transformation is on the Other side
By David Hallam

Dan 4:2
I thought it good to declare the signs and wonders that the Most High God has worked for me.

Even as I write this I feel the great joy of the Lord upon me; the joy of getting the truth of the Lord's heart out to people. As I was pondering this word, I began to meditate and dwell upon the many times the Lord's presence has touched me through my walk with Him. Yet, like many people, I also realized that I too easily forget the wonders of God's touch upon my life.

Not so long ago, I went through a time where I was constantly noticing pennies on the ground. Not just seeing pennies (because they are everywhere), but for one of the first times, I was actually noticing them. I felt the Lord was asking me a question: "why don't you pick up pennies?" "Do you value the little treasures?" Immediately I realized that the Lord was directing me towards a parable in my life. Was I really valuing my encounters with God, treasuring times when the Lord had met me? Or did I have a tendency to see these encounters but immediately begin to look for something bigger? Were my encounters and revelations changing me?

A touch of God is not meant to keep us the same; it is meant to transform us, to lead us. Gods touch should directly alter our life's path. This leads me to a question for everyone: have you been changed in your encounters with the Lord? If not, you need to start looking at them differently, because you are missing out.

Over the last month, I have been consumed with financial burdens. I have been worrying about sending kids to college, my wife's personal business not growing, the decrease in the value of my home, the list goes on. The Lord began to remind me of the numerous times that He has met me in the area of finances, and yet, I wasn't applying these past victories to these present day struggles! I was worrying about something that God had already promised me victory in! It became apparent to me that I need not feel abandoned every time a new problem arises. See, the Lord had met me in my times of need to build faith in me; this faith is meant to be applied to our present and future struggles to give us strength. When we accept this confidence and strength in the Lord by remembering his work in our lives, we allow him to provide for us further. I applied this to my financial burdens, and the Lord has continued to provide, as well as relieve unhealthy stress and anxiety.

An example of the power of remembering can be found in:

1 Chron 16:7
"On that day David first delivered this psalm into the hand of Asaph and his brethren, to thank the Lord: " NKJV
Here the ark of the Lord is coming back to where it belongs. Think of what must be going through David's heart, as the very presence of God is coming back to where it belongs. So David determines to make a "song of God's wonders". The ark of God represented the very presence of God, but here is what is true every time you or I have been met by God whether it is in healing, or relationships, finances we were met with "the very presence of God" See when we begin to meditate upon what God has done for us we usher in the very presence of God!

Have you ever heard someone mention that we should always be looking for new testimonies? Well, I know I love getting new testimonies, as does everyone, but ask yourself whether you have adequately used the power of your old testimonies. They were meant to bring necessary change in our lives and the lives that we were intended to touch.

Malachi 3:16
"Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another,
And the Lord listened and heard them;
So a book of remembrance was written before Him
For those who fear the Lord
And who meditate on His name. " NKJV

The Lord hears our speaking amongst one another and writes it in His book of remembrance. We should be more inclined to do the same when he speaks to us. If it is important enough for the Lord to remember what we speak, could it be that the Lord wants to pour out of us the anointing that He has already spoken into us? There are those that are reading this right now that have been healed physically or mentally by the Lord, been given provision in the area of finances, had their marriages saved, we all have our own testimonies in Jesus. The Lord would say that by the very fact that He has met you in that area, you are anointed with the testimony of Jesus! Take your testimonies out and begin to apply the victory you have been given! I believe that as we do this the Lord will begin to breathe even more of His power, authority, and life into us and others. There are people out there struggling in the same areas you are, don't deprive them of the hope that God has given you. When we pour out, the Lord pours back into us. He might even do so through another's testimony.

Ps 111:4
He has made His wonderful works to be remembered

Revival, renewal, and transformation are waiting on the other side of our testimonies. Step out today and ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of the times that He has met you in the different areas of your life. My guess is that many of the struggles that you may be going through today are areas that God has met you in previously! God has provided for you in the past so that you can claim victory today. Remember the Lord writes the very thoughts in His book of remembrance!