Knowing God's Love
May 3, 2010

Knowing God's Love
By Christian Equippers International

The purpose of this teaching is to awaken our hearts to the deep affectionate love that God has for each of us and His longing that we would return that love back to Him. Christianity is first and foremost a love story. God created each of us, through love, as special creations with the intent that we would live eternally in a deep committed, affectionate love relationship with Him.

Though we may all agree to this theologically, we are too easily detoured from making pursuit of this intimate relationship with God our priority. The pressures of life, our own sense of unworthiness, and a performance mentality are only some of the ditches into which we so easily fall.

There is nothing so spiritually liberating and so emotionally healing as living in a revelation of and a fellowship with the loving heart of God. It is the supreme cure for the confusions, stresses, hurts and fears that come with life on this planet. The purpose of this teaching is to inspire us and guide us into the ultimate pursuit: knowing the love of God.
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