Two Question Test


A shorter version of “AreYou Going To Heaven?” booklet, designed for public witnessing or situations where limited time is available.

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Are You Going to Heaven?

Two Question Test Reveals The Answer 

● Yes

● I hope so

● I m not sure

● No

Q. Why do you believe this?                                                                            ( Each unit is a pack of five booklets)

● I’ve tried to keep the 10 commandments James 2:10

● I go to Church Titus 3:5

● I believe in God James 2:19

● I’m basically a good person Romans 3:12

● I’ve done the best I could Matt 5:48

●I’ve never hurt anyone Matt. 5:21-22

This may surprise you, but according to the Bible none of the answers mentioned above will get someone into heaven.

Q. May I briefly share with you the amazing way the Bible describes how someone can get to heaven? 1 Jn. 5:13 We will begin by looking at the words GOD and MAN.

Q. What kind of words would you use to describe GOD?

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