About Us

Christian Equippers International has been serving the Body of Christ since 1983, providing material and seminars to equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission. During this time we have printed and distributed several million booklets and tracts, equipped thousands through evangelism, church growth and leadership seminars, and provided numerous courses and other materials that help build the local church. We have also been very excited to see these materials translated and distributed in over forty nations.


We are living in the most exciting times of this century and there is more on the way! There is a fresh stirring of the Holy Spirit moving across our land, refreshing us and filling our hearts with new passion for Jesus. There is also a growing prophetic sense that harvest is on the way. I believe the church is in the beginning stages of preparation in which the Spirit of God is drawing us closer to Him in order to reveal His heart to us and reveal our hearts to ourselves. The revelation of His heart will bring us to a liberating repentance of pride, self sufficiency, laziness, lack of compassion, unbelief, etc. This inward repentance will help prepare us for the greater measure of grace and power that He desires to pour upon us and through us.



There is a harvest of souls on the way! We must be prepared inwardly and outwardly. The staff of Christian Equippers International are individually seeking to prepare our hearts for the Lord's greater purposes. The materials we offer to the Body of Christ can help prepare the church to reach, establish and equip those new believers that come into the kingdom through the harvest that is on the way.



We deeply appreciate the opportunity to labor with all of you in reaching the harvest and building the church of Jesus Christ.



Equipping for Jesus